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May 26, 2007



If that had happened to an American single mother she'd be in jail right now. I don't know how I feel about any of it, except sorry for the child. But still.

Tim Footman

And now they've roped in the Pope.

First rule of family trauma: get a decent PR operation up and running.


My sister’s daughter went missing for about a week and a half a number of years ago and not one of us sought attention from the local and national newspapers for financial recompense. We worked closely with the police and my sister who suffers from an incurable illness [ similar to M.S ] scoured the length and breadth of parts of East and North London and so did we the family….. Moreover, we hired a private investigator. We worked in close conjunction with her schools and friends, etc She was eventually found safe by the P.I ….

Not once did my sister behave in the absolutely abhorrent manner in which the McCanns have conducted themselves! My sister was extremely ill and she still went out on the streets to search for her child…

The last thing on our mind was money or ribbons or media attention. Sarah Payne’s parents did not start this same sort of media circus which surrounds the McCanns now and neither did James Bulger’s parents. I think it is hsamleful the wayin which the disappearance of a child has ended up producing a corporation of sorts with a fixationon what appears to be fiancial recompense for their parents’ obvious negligence. Why an earth hasn’t Leicestershire Social Services flown out to Portugal. Are they under the spell which the McCanns seem to have cast over everyone??


I thought I was the only one wondering what is up with the McCanns...

The whole thing stinks. The fact they left a litte girl alone with even younger siblings, the alleged fact that Mrs McC's first comment upon discovering her daughter missing, "they've got her", (who's "they") to this PR campaign that screams Munchausens by proxy, it's about them rather than the girl.

I have know idea what happened. I wouldn't wish what happend on my worst enemy. But something just isn't quite right with this picture.


I think the whole thing is a tragedy and I certainly don't blame the parents.

If it is a media circus, it is because the media has turned it in to a circus. I can't see how the McCanns can be blamed for trying to harness it to find their daughter. The more publicity there is then the more chance that they have of finding her. Once the publicity fades I have no doubt that they will then turn to a PI - probably quite a good one taking into account the money they have raised.. If it was my child I would do whatever it took to find her. I wouldn't give the slightest bit of thought to any sensibilities I might offend in doing so.

To suggest the money that have raised is about financial recompense or that this publicity campaign is all about the parents, as posters have suggested above, is cyncial in my opinion.


I'm with the last poster. But I do find the behaviour of the hangers on a bit ridiculous- not so much that this isn't a horrible thing to have happened- but that nothing is being dealt with in quiet and concern- rather we have blaring headlines about how evil the Portugeese police are.

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