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May 23, 2007


Tim Footman

You put your finger on it, Dave - it's a housing problem, not a race or immigration problem. You can trace it back to the contraction of social/housing stock under Thatcher, and NuLab's failure to amend those policies. But neither Labour nor Tories is prepared to address that (because it costs money) so they accuse each other of offering encouragement to the BNP instead (which doesn't cost anything).

Ms Baroque

Tim's right. If everyone was properly housed there would in all probablility be no problem.


The trouble is, there is only so much room at the table.

I think it's a little more than the government snapping their fingers and building Barrett homes for us all.

What liberals can't bear is the fact that there must be limits to our hospitality: we can't make "it" better for everyone who fancies coming here.

It is hardly surprising that the indigenous who expect "the government" to do for them (housing, benefits) resent economic migrants edging them out of "their rights".

Sell it all off I say, because we can't be social landlord to the world.


Of course an MP has to listen to her constituents, but it's more important that a politician has the courage to tell people when they're wrong - or as you put it more politely 'correct misperceptions'.

In this case, Cruddas is doing that, whereas Hodge doesn't have the guts to point to the two obvious problems:

1) there aren't enough council houses,

2) the BNP is lying about housing policy towards migrants in order to exploit the first problem.

The supreme irony is that if either one loses their seat to the BNP, it's not going to be Cruddas.

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