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May 25, 2007


Big Chip Dale

Fantastic camera work, Dave! You've clearly got a knack for it. I've not see work like this since the famous long tracking shot in Goodfellas.

Dave Hill

I am very talented, it's true.

Big Chip Dale

Oh, without a doubt. And clearly influenced by the early Godard too. But you also have a more defined narrative structure than he ever did.

When you hit North Wales, you must come and film my thong act at the Green Dragon Tavern. Guardian readers would love it.


Municipal tree-holders? I envision middle aged matrons in conservative tweed clutching saplings. Great job, where do I sign up?

Sorry. We call them 'planters' here which probably sounds funny as well. Is it a verb or what? Anyways. Wasn't Sylvia Plath an American who died rather miserably in London? Maybe the verse is the only point. . .

Dave Hill

Planters is probably right. I couldn't think what the right word was - just knew "pots" didn't cut it.


not to be critical, it cracked me up. And, yes, they were much too big to be pots.

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