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May 13, 2007


Jane Henry

And it's got to be a better approach then ghettoizing everyone? I caught the tail end of Panorama last week and was horrified to hear the vicar say that the northern town(sorry can't remember which) he was living in was the most separate he had ever lived in - which is saying something as he'd spent time in South Africa. There are literally white schools and Asian schools, and he and his fellow faith leaders were to be hugely applauded for trying to get the kids from both sides to integrate.

The pity of all of it is that when I compare the way my kids casually accept that there are all sorts of different people in their classes to the unthinking racism of my day, it seems in some ways we have moved hugely forward, and others have gone horribly backward.

Traditionally this country for all its faults has been very liberal and tolerant, and I would hate that to change, but often fear it will.

I think every politician should be made to watch V for Vendetta, personally...

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