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June 29, 2007


Sally Lomax

This has touched the whole world hasn't it.

John Kirriemuir

Usual lack of joined-up anything. Three different notices saying don't stand forward of this notice.

Jane Henry

The world's gone maa---aaa--aad. I think we're living through the Looking Glass meself!

Chip Dale

I would have thought those notices should also have been posted in Scottish Gaelic. In these parts, I believe it a law that everything is posted in English and Welsh.


Wow. He's a real 'glass half empty', isn't he? I might start carrying pamphlets celebrating the low infant mortality rate we have in this country and stick them up in places like that. Or maybe just pictures of a kittens. Yes, kittens playing with wool.

Jeremy Jacobs

Nanny state rules. OK !

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