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June 23, 2007


Chip Dale

Dave, your videos have become the highlight of my week. They're just so perfect. I'll spend the rest of the day saying 'Showbiz! Showbiz!' to everybody I meet. Wonderful!

So I'm glad you're back but hope you'll be off out to film more. I want to buy the DVD when it comes out.

Showiz, showbiz...

Dave Hill

You old sweet talker!


That brought back memories. Last time I was there, I was returning from a family holiday in Ayrshire and kept having aural hallucinations in which I could hear my mother-in-law cackling.


He doesn't lie. I spent an embarassing amount of time last week repeating 'shopping, shopping, shopping' with a fake British accent(which, from me, came out vaguely like Julia Child).

Meant well, though, really, a laughing *with* not *at* type of thing...
Love the little films.


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