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June 29, 2007


Chip Dale

It's the Peter Finch 'Network' moment I've always wanted to live out. She could become a star. If only it could change the world.


Well, he has to be saluted, definitely.

I am sick of this crap passing as news. Are fans of all things Paris Hilton now such a large demographic group that they're eclipsing what the rest of us watch here? Adding to the freak fest was the fact she was invited on Larry King.

And here in Philly, the mayor of a city that's rapidly approaching a murder body count of 200, decides he must join a queue of kids waiting to buy the latest i-phone to be released at six tonight. He's an electronics junkie and has been waiting since three this morning. Worse still, he's a democratic major so giving the party a bad name because of his incompetence.

It's outrageous what we have to put up with here in the states--the dumbing of America is perhaps irreversible.

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