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July 17, 2007


Jane Henry

oh blimey, MP is just bonkers. Do people really care what she thinks?

I don't think the Blue Peter thing was that bad really. I've been telling my kids for years that ringing phone lines is both costly and a con. I think it's a good lesson in life myself. And it wasn't as if Konnie et al knew about it. I read it as just more as some quick thinking person trying to get out of a hole - in other circumstances they might have been praised for it. And the mother that blew the whistle only did so after all the other stuff came out, which suggested to me she wasn't too bothered at the time....

I think the Queen stuff was just plain stupid. And that Peter wotsit guy should resign. But again... was it someone at the Beeb who did the trailer? I thought it wasn't, which partly exonerates them, although someone somewhere should have watched it and checked up on it.

I agree about the Beeb incidentally. It always strikes me that when Thatcher was in power, the left wing accused it of right wing bias, and now it's the other way round. Which suggests to me that is doing something right.

I DO think it is a worry though if people of Andrew Marr's stature are saying that the majority of people who work at the Beeb don't understand the way the rest of the country thinks. There was an interesting article about that in the Telegraph on Saturday and about the liberal mindset within the BBC.


It's interesting that MPs dislike of the BBC doesn't stop her taking its money to appear on The Moral Maze.


If the top tier of the BBC collapses under political pressure when Andrew Gilligan puts out a fairly accurate picture of what happened, then no wonder the BBC is running scared of anything nowadays. Would be interesting if Gilligan came out with what PRECISELY happened, but if David Kelly can be bumped off, anyone can. I would just keep my gob shut too, I reckon.....

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