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July 16, 2007


Jane Henry

I'm not a KL fan so welcome Bonkers Boris. At least he'll make it a bit fun... Look forward to some gaffes or two....


He may well lose and there is a good chance his campaign will implode spectacularily.

However, that said, I think there is a lot of support for Boris amongst the middle classes (especially the young) who would be willing to give him a chance. KL has done some very good things (buses, the arts, his opposition to PPP, the Olympics etc.) but his foreign poilcy pronouncements are irritating and a proportion of London may consider it time for a change. For what it's worth I think it will be relatively close.

Dave Hill

I've a strong feeling Boris's novelty value would wear off pretty quickly after the Twit Factor faded and the political substance - or lack therefore - became exposed.

Chip Dale

That may be true, Dave, but the 'twit factor' has hardly stood in the way of Ken Livingstone's victories. I want Boris to win just for the sheer hell of it, though I might feel different if I lived in London.

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