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July 29, 2007


Romeo  Vitelli

Is it just a matter of choice? The vast majority of gay men and lesbians grow up in environments that actively discourage any kind of same-sex attraction and often treats being gay as perverted and abnormal (it's still the favourite taunt in grade schools and high schools). Not to mention that it was a criminal offense in most places as recently as a generation ago (and still is in too many places). Why would anyone choose to be gay considering the kind of harassment they would face in coming out? The fact that born-again ex-gays invoke their own case histories doesn't really prove that sexual orientation can be changed. Bisexuals who suppress their same-sex leanings don't become heterosexuals, they're just bisexuals who suppress their same-sex leanings. Let's see if Richard Cohen is still "cured" twenty years from now.

Garcon Gateau

IF it were indeed possible to successfully reprogram an individual, I wonder what aspects of the person's life would be affected. Would the person be mentally healthy? Would the person lose some of the creative genius (in the cases of the creative homosexuals)?

The argument of people having feelings and acts is another way of expressing "bi-curiousness" or "str8-ness"--it's another form of denial. At the risk of essentializing, there are individuals who have a very defined sexual identity. Some are heterosexual to the extent that they are not homophobic; rather, they are gender unaware--they are unaware that there is a difference. The homophobic hyperawareness of sexual difference is usually rooted in a self-awareness of homosexual desire...it's a desire to censor the self and its surroundings.

I agree with the previous poster; let's see if Mr. Cohen is still cured a few years from now. Although, I propose a more militant approach, he needs to be monitored closely to make sure he's not having engaging in anonymous same-sex encounters to appease a desire he claims to no longer have.


Situational homo-erotic behavior (as in jail) is not the same thing as homosexuality. . .


i dont really think its important as to the why. what i think is important that all decisions regarding orientation should be honored. it should be left to the individual to decide what
affirms him.

believers should realize its not the orientation, but spirit in which it is expressed that is important.


is our theology or going to change because of a new scientific discovery that influences the acceptance of orientation? if so,then, we realy do act like sheep.

whatever happened to fellowshippping with another human being and honoring his heart.

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