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July 14, 2007



The thing that caught my eye in Fletcher's piece was this.

"Certainly, those of us who had grimped their way far enough up the Telegraph ladder to get invited to those wonderful parties the prosecution made such play of, never imagined Black was paying for them himself. But then journalists are very credulous when it comes to proprietors. We like them rich and we like them bullying, and we never take the trouble to find out if they own the whole thing or - like Black - a big whack of the shares."

Which implies that being an uncurious toad-eater is the way to get ahead in journalism. I think that a few Telegraph grunts (who never 'grimped' their way into one of Black's parties) may take a different view of matters.

Dave Hill

I noticed that passage too. I'm afraid Fletcher's generalisation about what journalists like in proprietors is false (and one reason why some of us prefer working for The Guardian). By contrast, your generalisation about the way to get ahead in journalism is far more sustainable.

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