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July 26, 2007


Dick Madeley

A terrific idea. I've been suggesting something like this for a very long time. If I could only get to design the badges -- a tastefully sheathed phallus, perhaps -- then I'm sure we could be onto a winner.

Noosa Lee

Hi Dave

How to they test for the safe sex badge, exactly?



Dave Hill

It's only a suggestion, MsP - though clearly one that has seized your imagination as tightly as it has Mr Madeley's.

Jane Henry

Oh lordy lord. The rot must set in early. My eldest went on a trip to Wicked last night. I wonder if it was via Soho????

I do think the safe sex message is important, but personally I would have thought there'd be more sniggering round the campfire about it then giggling behind the bike sheds with Charlene.

Dave I am sooo in agreement. I am really really glad to be a grown up!

Jane Henry

sorry forgot to say the trip was organised by the Guides.

Most of the time everything they do seems to revolve around cooking.

Perhaps it's an euphemism?

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