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July 05, 2007


Jane Henry

Actually more of an issue then the swamping stuff (anyway what's wrong with the Poles, they work hard and do jobs we don't want to?) - is the fact that most of them are sending money home. Which does present a problem for our economy as there is less money going round in it here. And fewer five pound notes...(or was it fifties?)

Dave Hill

Does Polish workers sending money home necessarily mean there is less - or much less - in the UK economy than there would otherwise have been if they are mostly doing jobs the local labour force does't want? Or is that a stupid question? As for disappearing fivers...they've got so scarce I now hoard any that come my way.

Jane Henry

Dave, I am probably talking out of my depth here. I'm no economist, but presumably if people aren't spending the money they earn here on houses/consumer durables etc there will be a loss of overall money in the economy? My husband who has a much better head for figures seems to think so. It's not just the Poles either. He works with lots of different nationalities. One of his colleagues is from Mauritius. She and her husband live in a grotty one bed flat here, but she is sending every bit of spare cash she has to Mauritius where her brothers and dad are building them a house. Her husband doesn't know. Good luck to her (and to all those Poles) say I. But presumably if she was spending it here, our economy would benefit?

What do I know? I'm only a woolly headed writer!

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