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August 31, 2007



What is laughable is Gordon Brown's assertion that gypping the prison officers out of their agreed pay is keeping inflation in check.

I really don't think this economy turns on public sector pay.

If Gordon wants to get some "discipline" into government spending, have a go at the countless external management consultants who take decisions over-paid managers are meant to be taking, and all the extraneous layers of managers, for that matter.

Whenever local government brainaics come up with their latest restructure- read re arranging the deck chairs on the tiatanic, it's funny how management jobs are saved.

That's nu-labour all over- too many chiefs, not enough indians.

But nu-lab go ever further (lower), they cut the pay of the indians who've lost their scalps.

Dave Hill

Quite right, Kris. And when I see the Scottish git I'll give him a damned good talking to.

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