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September 08, 2007


Tim Footman

"Politically correct" now means "anything more left-wing than me". Just as, in the 1980s, "fascist" meant "anything more right-wing than me".

Jane Henry

I don't know, Dave. I'm not sure I agree with that. I think see political correctness as the sort of thing which is the antithesis of free speech. I see it as stifling people who feel they cannot state the truth, for eg (though this is becoming more commonplace now) for a long time if you made a link between young black men getting involved in gun crime, and lack of decent male role models you stood the chance of being declared racist. I probably feel strongly about it because I was once accused of racism when I reported someone on a playscheme I worked on of threatening behaviour to one of the kids. She was black, I'm white ,ergo I was being racist. I didn't see it in those terms at all. I saw someone who was supposed to be in charge menacing a very frightened child. So I reported it. The child in question was also black, but the whole thing was seen as a political hot potato (this was Haringey in the 80s),so it was never pursued. For all I know the person involved is now a social worker. I am not, as the experience put me off.

I agree that society should always stand up for the disposessed, the minorities treated unfairly and aim for equality.

But I think sometimes pc attitudes can hinder not help their cause.

Does that make me facist?????

Nice to see you back in blogland btw

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