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September 07, 2007


Tim Footman


Well done. 10 marks and a gold star, and let that be an example to the rest of the world.

Dave Hill

Hah! An emerging curmudgeon after my own heart. It's a midlife thing...

Chip Dale

You can opt to have your items delivered without bags when you order them online. They then just jump all the food on your doorstep and it takes 200 trips to the kitchen to get it all in the cupboards.

But at least you can say you've saved a bit of the planet and you get to loose about five stone in weight with all the exercise.


Hi Dave

I HATE Tescos but I do shop in the one in Well Street because it's the original Tesco location, the staff are lovely and it's always under threat of closure. So many disabled people use it that to have it close would be a disaster. So I reluctantly support it.




Another option might be walking to the market several times a week during the good weather. . . Carry canvas bags? Farmers markets are probably nicer than Tesco. Just have them deliver what you can't get from local farmers? At least in decent weather, that's what we try to to. Intention isn't always reality, but youknow, we try.


Hi Dave

Just responding to Littlebear if you don't mind. Littlebear - your comment may not have been directed at me personally but I'd just like you to know,

I DO use my own shopping bags including a strong straw basket that I bought down the Bethnal Green Road in about 1989 and have been repairing with natural twine ever since and a real canvas bag which I brought with me from Australia many long years ago. The flimsy cotton ones you get these days aren't strong enough to carry much.

I DO NOT buy fresh produce from our local Tesco - to which I walk btw (40 mins round trip). My personal rule is never to buy more than I can carry for twenty minutes. I get a weekly box from Abel & Cole (whom I regularly big up on my own blog because I think they're that wonderful).

I DO buy from other vendors in Well Street, mostly the fabulous George's Health Food Shop. George is the loveliest man in Hackney and will GIVE you a jute bag for free. I never need one. He also accepts for recycling supermarket bags and egg cartons.

I don't need to drop off any supermarket bags but I always return the cartoons from the East End Farm Free Range Eggs that I bought originally from him. George also sells sensible quantities of herbs and spices much cheaper than you'd get them in any supermarket.

We're all trying to do the best we can to save the planet but we still need to buy toilet paper.



If you know of a farmers' market where I can buy recycled toilet paper and energy efficient light bulbs within walking distance of my home, I might reconsider. But honestly, even though I detest the Tesco ethic with a passion, the relationship that local people are able to maintain in a small shop like this ORIGINAL Tesco


Yay Pants!! Sounds like you're really making an effort that I wish everyone was able to join in! Of course the other 500 lb. gorilla is the size of some families. . . Kinda hard to tote even two days worth by hand for some of us. But I totally support everyone's efforts. And, as I mentioned, you can always have them deliver what you can't get locally. As for me, I pretty much whimp out during the winter. I say that in the spirit of total transparentcy. . .

and odd spelling. ahg.

I must say, you sound very much like an Ann Arborite.

Wait. Ann Arborites use sticks and leaves rather than tissue. . .

(ducking beneath a free range beach bumberchute)

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