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September 12, 2007



This sort of thing leads to wrist slitting if one is not careful.

Dave Hill

Yes. Other peoples' wrists.

Francis Sedgemore

Who needs the intervention of a "senior executive at a high profile communications company"? In my case – as a complete nonentity – all I need do is send an email to BT supremo Ben Verwaayen, and 30 seconds later I receive a personal reply sent via his Crackberry. Said message contains a firm promise that the problem will be sorted out promptly.

And it is. Phone calls from middle managers follow within minutes, and engineers deal with the technical bollocks in short order. Just ask occasional blogger Judy K (aka "Adloyada") for a second opinion.

BT has its problems, but maybe you should think again about handing over your hard-earned cash over to that hippy in charge of Virgin – the Internet Service Provider that doesn't go all the way.

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