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September 07, 2007



That is a *total* crock of shit. It's the accent the child has, the clothes he or she wears. It's all about if the teacher knows if the child is multi- ethnic or not, or if the teacher knows if the child comes from a two parent family or not. Or, for that matter, if the child is visibly black. Society creates what it expects to see. I had to move my son to a new school yeas ago, when the public school he attended influenced him to misbehave. They wouldn't correct him because, youknow, single parent family, they are trained to expect a certain amount of misbehaviour from "these kinds of kids". Since he behaved fine at home, I realized that they had created the problem. A school with higher expectations did away with that *instantly*. His grades leaped upward as well.


Wait. Read your piece in CiF and think differently now. Or rather, thinking that there is more to the story.

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